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Phyzique Singapore

Phyzique Singapore

Maggi and Terrence doing 10 times of hill sprints at Mac Ritchie reservoir. Come join us for our training sessions in preparation for the Commando Challenge on the 15 th of Dec 2013. We will have regular sessions each week. If ure interested, SMS or private msg me to find out more details. Hope to see you there!


Rotational Bodyweight Training™, or RBT™, was specifically developed by CrossCore, Inc. to allow users to incorporate natural and rotational movements while performing bodyweight exercises. Rotation is a necessary component of tri-planar movement and is what makes it possible to mimic the same moves involved in the user’s sport or occupation for maximum results. Rotational movement is crucial in properly strengthening the core and preventing injury in the rest of the body.

ROTATION, ROTATION, ROTATION is our motto and we believe it will be yours too by the time you complete your first RBT™ Session.


Physical Education teachers, coaches, athletes, trainer and anyone who wish to acquire suspension training.


Total Duration one whole day + practical session

Upon successful completion, the participants will be awarded with Certificate from CrossCore.

CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™ or "CrossCore™ RBT™" is our key competitive advantage. It allows users to incorporate natural and rotational movement while performing bodyweight exercises. CrossCore® RBT™ is more than suspended bodyweight training. Where the competition stops is where CrossCore® excels and changes the game!

Rotation is a necessary component of truly effective suspended bodyweight training and tri-planar movement. Rotation is what makes it possible to perform the moves involved in a sport, occupation or everyday life for maximum results. And rotation is crucial in properly strengthening the core and preventing injuries in other parts of the body.


After completion of a CrossCore® RBT™ Course you will be able to:

  • Know how to properly prepare your body and the CrossCore® RBT™ equipment for a safe and effective workout.
  • Perform each CrossCore® RBT™ exercise with proper form and body angle.
  • Understand the different positions of your body and CrossCore® equipment that enable different exercises to be performed.
  • Time exercises for any fitness level.
  • Cool down of your body and storage of your CrossCore® equipment.