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Get fit, Get toned and Drop the body fat!

Fitter is a circuit based training program that is suitable for any fitness level. The focus of the class is a full body strength, cardio, core and flexibility workout. 

We are now excited to share that fitter classes are conducted via video conferencing for the benefit of those who can leave their house.

Come join us for the 1 hour class to improve all the major aspects of fitness in one class. Expect to be challenged and sweat while working side by side with a fun group.

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About the Trainer

Coach Nik>

Coach Nik

Nikhil Abraham (Nik) is an accomplished personal trainer, lifestyle & wellness coach and is an examiner for FISAF (Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness). He attributes his success to the fact that his profession is his absolute passion and has recently did a course on Precision Nutrition Certified Coach Level 1.

Nik was a fitness fanatic from a young age coupled and involved himself in 5 years of military training. Forever updating himself with relevant courses and familiarizing himself with the latest ideas in health and fitness, you can certainly be sure to be getting the most of your time with Nik as he applies strategies and uses techniques and equipment on par with top world trainers.

Nik's fun loving personality and attention to detail, coupled with his knowledge and certifications has made him into one of Singapore's finest trainers. He regularly attends and participates in international fitness conventions all over the world such as the IDEA World Fitness Convention in USA and the Asia Fitness Convention in Bangkok to keep abreast of current research and ideas. 

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