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with Coach Cara Koh

Get leaner, stronger with our Virtual Live Mat Pilates session via Zoom. Move mindfully from the comfort of your home as we work through a program to improve your posture, increase core strength, build longer, leaner muscles, heighten body awareness, balance and flexibility.

This is a multi level class that requires no equipment other than a mat or a big towel. Suitable for beginners too.

See you on your mat!

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Coach Cara Koh>

Coach Cara Koh

Cara is a full-time Personal Trainer and a new mother. Many people are amazed at how fast she regained her pre-pregnancy physique.

For more than 30 years since childhood, she has been actively involved in many sports and represented her schools for multiple competitions. Her latest craze is in endurance sports with her record swim distance of 5000 metres (that’s 100 laps) which also helps in her training for triathlon events.

Her previous occupation working in corporates led her to long working desk hours on the computer. Inevitably, she developed aches and pains in her neck, back, knees and hips. She found certain useful methods to reduce and release her tensed and stiff body aches by simply spending a bit of time during her lunch breaks doing certain stretches and exercises. That aided her tremendously towards a pain free work life. To which she begins to enjoy motivating people to exercise, live pain free and be more productive at work.

Being a certified Rehab Trainer coupled with her recovery of UCL injury (elbow ligament tear from a cycling accident) and knees issues, she aims to share her experience and knowledge on stretching, myofascial loosening techniques and muscles activation exercises with her injured clients and help them to reduce pain, grow stronger, gain greater mobility, and live happier :)

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