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with Coach Raja

In this multi level class, yoga postures are practiced to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body. Breathing, full-body relaxation and balance are the goals, as we make a full circuit of the body’s range of motion with standing postures, twists, backbends, forward folds, hip openers etc.

It’s a great way to to start or unwind your day. All you need is a mat, strap or a towel, water and be in comfortable attire.

What Do You Need?

1. Yoga mat

2. Towel or a Strap

3. Water

4. Comfortable attire

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About the Trainer

Coach Raja>

Coach Raja

Raja is a established Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Coach and Sports Massage Therapist. He has been in the industry since the late 90’s. 

Since he was young, he has been involved in sports and has represented his school and constituency in various soccer competitions. Karate was a hobby but he soon became involved in club and national tournaments and had the opportunity to represent the nation. 

Because of injuries, Raja started practicing Yoga and continued for years to aid recovery and soon taught Yoga as an instructor since early 2000. He is accredited by Yoga Allainace as ERYT - E500 / T500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher). 

Understanding the need to approach the industry in a holistic setting, Raja upgraded to certify himself to become a sports massage therapist and this has been a effective skill for the benefit of his clients. 

Raja uses his extensive experience to listen and understand his clients' needs and carefully implement safe and effective training programs. Since carving out a career in the fitness industry, he has been constantly upgrading himself to keep abreast with the latest health and fitness developments. 

Raja has the drive to guide, educate, motivate and empower others in their quest to attain fitness and health of the mind and body.

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