Health and Fitness Kickstarter

Health and Fitness Kickstarter


Phyzique Singapore brings you the foundation of health, fitness and well-being through an easy 8 week programme. We will provide the skills and knowledge so you can get fit and healthy by yourself with minimal equipment in the confort of your own personal space.

During each 60 minute session, conducted by our coaches indoors, we will guide you through a mixture of strength, cardio, flexibility and release work.

This a great kickstart program to lead individuals in the right direction to being fitter, healthier and happier!


  • Look good and feel great
  • Train at a convenient place right at their workplace after school
  • Get the confidence to learn how to train on your own
  • Get fit and healthy without the need for a gym
  • Cummulative effort adds up to a better long-term health and fitness.
  • 4 free exercise programs and videos

How it works

Once a week a small group of 4 people will choose their own teams while Phyzique Singapore provides a cart of simple equipment of resistance bands, medicine balls, mini bands, cones, foam rollers and trigger point release balls. Each session will be held at a chosen venue so that the workout is in a friendly, familiar and casual setting. Working within the participants’ abilities, our certified personal trainers will work with you side by side. We will also share lots of useful information and tips in a dedicated WhatsApp group.

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