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About Cara Koh

Cara is a full-time Personal Trainer and a new mother. Many people are amazed at how fast she regained her pre-pregnancy physique.

For more than 30 years since childhood, she has been actively involved in many sports and represented her schools for multiple competitions. Her latest craze is in endurance sports with her record swim distance of 5000 metres (that’s 100 laps) which also helps in her training for triathlon events.

Her previous occupation working in corporates led her to long working desk hours on the computer. Inevitably, she developed aches and pains in her neck, back, knees and hips. She found certain useful methods to reduce and release her tensed and stiff body aches by simply spending a bit of time during her lunch breaks doing certain stretches and exercises. That aided her tremendously towards a pain free work life. To which she begins to enjoy motivating people to exercise, live pain free and be more productive at work.

Being a certified Rehab Trainer coupled with her recovery of UCL injury (elbow ligament tear from a cycling accident) and knees issues, she aims to share her experience and knowledge on stretching, myofascial loosening techniques and muscles activation exercises with her injured clients and help them to reduce pain, grow stronger, gain greater mobility, and live happier 🙂


ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Accredited REHAB Trainer


Trained Mat STOTT PILATES® Instructor


I feel so much better and fitter after attending Cara’s personal training, as she always has my needs and goals in mind, and gently encourages me on my workouts. Although they may be small steps, they have been sturdy ones building a great foundation for my body. Cara is patient, encouraging and non-judgemental. Always a joy to workout with as I find that my safety is always her first consideration. Cara is ever thoughtful and careful with what she plans for her clients. She is the best trainer I ever had, as I never get any injuries under her guidance and I get the workout my body needs.

Aki Teoh, Personal Training

The stretch and release session by Coach Cara was great and helped to release muscle tensions physically and mental stress before the start of my busy day. The proper usage of foam rollers and soft balls also helped me to release my muscle tensions better after a tiring day in the office or after rigorous exercise. I would definitely recommend this session to friends that needs a good stretch!

Elijah Kwan

Thanks team. Was really a good few months of customised sessions. Appreciate the effort of Cara in selecting effective exercises and sets for me. Have been most effective in getting my hand back in action. Also appreciate the extra tips and advice she provide on helping with my bike and tri training. I feel now I am stronger on the bike and also faster on recovery after hard sessions.

Gabriel Lim

Thank you Cara for the session today. I feel ready to start the day. Refreshed!

Irene Widiani, Live Virtual Mat Pilates

A great way to get up early on a TGIF morning in a serene place to do a release to end the work week. Cara's workout is well planned and targets all parts of the body that needs that release. Her voice is pleasant and makes you feel at ease to release any tense muscles. Highly recommend it. Thank you made my Friday!

Jacquelynne Tan

It’s so refreshing to start stretching with Cara! Not only the venue is conducive, the voice of the trainer so soothing.... definitely helps the muscles to relax further 😘😘😘😘!!! Cara Koh thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

Jasmyn Yee-Ang

After having neglected stretching for years as a recreational triathlete getting old, I felt that it was time to invest time in stretching. The issues with yoga and Pilate are that I always embarrassed myself being so stiff and inflexible. Cara came as a blessing with easier and soft approach. As an athlete herself she goes straight to the points in an efficient manners. In couple of sessions I could feel the differences. I strongly advice!

Son Nam Nguyen

Cara has a very warm demeanour and made me (us) feel very welcomed right from the beginning. Her instructions and demonstrations were clear and she also introduced regressions & progressions for individuals at different levels (including those with injuries - cara did a quick check before the class started). I have very limited range of motion due to injuries and really appreciated her trying to modify the stretches and release techniques so I can adapt to them with more ease. Bonus point~ her melodious voice helped to ease the tension and made the entire session very soothing ◡̈

Wendy Zhao

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