Ken Li

About Ken Li

Fitness has always been part of Ken Li’s life. Since young, Ken Li has represented her school in various sports from swimming, badminton to archery. Archery started out as a hobby but soon progressed to something bigger with her representing Singapore in numerous overseas competition.

It is through archery that Ken Li picked up strength training and the importance of having a proper form. Inspired to transfer her knowledge and to help others incorporate fitness into their lifestyle, Ken Li got herself certified as a personal trainer. She believes that every individual’s body is different and wants to help clients learn and discover what is right for them.


ACE Certified Personal Trainer

CPR and AED Qualified


I’m pretty active, usually practicing taiji or swimming. However, Ken Li has opened my eyes to strength training. She taught me the basics and pointed out the things to look out for. After training for a month, I really felt the difference! I had better stamina playing table tennis and feel much fitter overall!


I've never liked working out and couldn't stick with it...until I started training with Ken Li. She is somehow able to motivate me to work out 3 times a week. She challenges me appropriately and switches up the workout, keeping it fun and less torturous. She is passionate, supportive and patient; ensuring I get my basics and form right before anything else. She would also take the time to check in on my diet which does help prevent my self sabotage. I highly recommend Ken Li and appreciate all the help she gave!"


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