About Raja

Raja is a established Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Coach and Sports Massage Therapist. He has been in the industry since the late 90’s. 

Since he was young, he has been involved in sports and has represented his school and constituency in various soccer competitions. Karate was a hobby but he soon became involved in club and national tournaments and had the opportunity to represent the nation. 

Because of injuries, Raja started practicing Yoga and continued for years to aid recovery and soon taught Yoga as an instructor since early 2000. He is accredited by Yoga Allainace as ERYT – E500 / T500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher). 

Understanding the need to approach the industry in a holistic setting, Raja upgraded to certify himself to become a sports massage therapist and this has been a effective skill for the benefit of his clients. 

Raja uses his extensive experience to listen and understand his clients’ needs and carefully implement safe and effective training programs. Since carving out a career in the fitness industry, he has been constantly upgrading himself to keep abreast with the latest health and fitness developments. 

Raja has the drive to guide, educate, motivate and empower others in their quest to attain fitness and health of the mind and body.


BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching, University of Wolverhampton

Shitoryu Karate / Black Belt, SKA

Fitness Instructor Course, SSC

Sports Massage Course, SSC

Yoga Instructor Certification Course, VYASA (S’pore)

Reebok Core Training, Reebok University

NCAP – National Coaching Accreditation program, SSC

Strength & Conditioning Coach, ASCA (SSC)

CrossCore instructor certification

CPR+AED qualified, Singapore Heart Foundation

International Diploma in Yoga, Sivananda (S’pore)

Ayurvedic Massage Therapy, SAP (India)

Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, (ERYT – E500hrs / T500hrs), Yoga Alliance

Exercise is Medicine Singapore (ACSM / Changi Hospital)

TRX (STC), Marcel-Fit

Movement Efficiency Training (MET), Marcel-Fit

TRX (GSTC), Marcel-Fit

THUMP Boxing Instructor Course

First Aid qualified


I have been training with Raja for the past 2 years and it has been a great experience for me. I push myself every session and he encourages me to keep on pushing even when the program gets tough. Raja has really helped me overcome some of my challenges and helped me build a more active lifestyle so I can continue breaking boundaries and setting new ones.

Advait, Personal Training

When you think of Raja, you think of your form. He brings his experience in yoga and mixes that with workout skills and techniques with a strong focus on form, that enables you to isolate and work specific muscle groups.I have know Raja for over 8 years now and in all those years he has run bootcamps, conducted individual private sessions for both my wife and son.He is incredible in making sure that I focus both on intensity as well as consistent form to make the session doubly effective.He invests a lot of his time and provides real individual attention.

Badri Veeraghanta, Personal Training

Nik and Raja did an excellent job at supporting me throughout my pregnancy. With their help, I was able to maintain a lot of strength in my upper body and legs which made me a lot more mobile and made it easier to function as per usual until very late in the pregnancy. It also allowed me to recover faster post delivery. How they did it? Together they made sure I could continue to train 3 times a week until a few days before delivery by adjusting my training intensity and routines along the way, as well as massaging out the areas that were impacted by the extra load and change in body composition. On top of being very skilled trainers, they have the emotional understanding and adaptability to be able to adjust your training & massages to what your mind and body can handle, what you want to achieve, tailored to the phase in your life you are in. Two very kind people anyone would and should be lucky to train with :)!!

Evy Theunis, Personal Training

I have been taking personal training since August 2016 with coach Raja. Since then I have seen an increase in my fitness levels; my running and endurance have gone up. Coach Raja is a great personal trainer as he puts you thru challenges and steps up the level of exercises at the appropriate time. He pushes to get the technique and posture right to work the target group of muscles rather than aimlessly doing number of reps where no benefit can be seen at all. He is able to tailor the exercises to suit your needs. It is an added benefit to have a personal trainer who has expertise on yoga postures as well. I would highly recommend coach Raja for anyone looking to achieve fitness thru personal training.

Mangalam Veeraghanta, Personal Training

Raja has been massaging me for years. I have been to hundreds of practitioners and I can say Raja is by far the best massage therapist I know. As a sufferer of an old leg injury and plantar fasciitis with a sporty lifestyle, regular massages are paramount. Raja provides deeply remedial treatment as well as a very holistic experience that I can highly recommend. Raja’s profound knowledge and constant eagerness to learning additional techniques for his clients really transforms your body to the next level of healthiness. Besides being extremely skilled, Raja is incredibly gifted and knows anatomy very well.

Martina Maurer, Massage Therapy

I had the pleasure to workout with Raja from Phyzique for many years now. My body has completely changed and Raja helped me to achieve a new level of self-awareness regarding working out the smart way and in alliance with my body composition. My body posture, body fat and muscle tone increased tremendously after only a couple of months working with him. Raja really pays attention to my needs and always adjusts his training approach accordingly. I have never met anybody that has such substantial and advanced fitness, health and wellbeing knowledge. He is very attentive to your form to ensure you are learning proper alignment. Raja has also been the only person that suggested to take care of my old leg injury with regular stretching exercises. My plantar fasciitis has been completely cured within weeks and never came back. I am eternally grateful to him for being the kind of trainer and person he is. Working out with Raja is always my highlight of the week with a lot of fun, laughter but also high class performance outcomes.

Martina Maurer, Personal Training

Raja is one of the most qualified professionals in his field. I had several physio-recovering sessions and he fixed what others prescribed with medicaments and expensive treatments. We all in the family work with him as he’s a fantastic and flexible trainer, but also a very nice person to deal with. We are fortunate to know him and will be his customers for a long time

Pier Luigi, Personal Training

Its my last night here in Singapore and I have my last session with Raja tomorrow, so I wanted to share with you how grateful I am to have had Raja as a trainer for the last two years.I started my time with Raja, injury ridden, fairly despondent about my fitness and very tentative about whether my body would ever cooperate again. Raja was very patient and meticulous in his programming. He knew intuitively when to push and when to let go.Under Raja's care and tutelage, I have rediscovered my love for exercise, a deeper understanding of what my body is capable of and most importantly my confidence.

Priya Gray, Personal Training

Raja is an excellent trainer. He has deep knowledge of the various workouts and incorporates new exercises to step up the workouts each time so that each time I am motivated to do my best! He explains the workouts patiently and pushes me to achieve my fitness goals to my best! Raja also ensures he takes the time to check on me to see if I am doing the additional exercises outside of gym to keep up the pace and energy. He is a highly motivated trainer with deep passion in ensuring his clients meet their fitness goals! It has been a privilege to train with Raja and he is one of the best in Phyzique! I have always been my fittest when at Phyzique and I can never find a gym as superb as Phyzique! They always say that the master shall appear when the student is ready! I am ever ready to step beyond my comfort zone with Raja and the team! Raja has stepped beyond his call of duty as a trainer, with a genuine care for his clients towards achieving their fitness goals! He is truly a gem of a trainer indeed! Kudos to Raja and the team!

Rekha Das, Personal Training

aj coached us in aqua fitness since late 2016We found Raj to be extremely committed to his chosen profession and a extremely well balanced rounded trainerVery versatile , he always kept our sessions fun , humorous and worked us to the level that we requiredWe will miss Raj , he was a bright light for our Singapore experienceI have no hesitation in recommending Raj as a trainer

Rob Holden, Personal Training

I have known Raja through Phyzique for nearly 3 years and in that time he has always been 100 percent professional. His aporoach to guiding us through the exercise regimes is articulate and focused. He watches our every move to ensure we are doing everything right... he even throws in a fee little funny comments every so often. Raja is an incredible sports masseuse. He has helped me personally with my old sports injures and tight muscles. Thank you Raja and I wish you and Physique all the very best.

Shirley Wardle, Personal Training

I’ve had the pleasure of having Raj as my personal trainer and he helped me with my knee and shoulder injuries that I got from my job as a professional dancer. Raj was professional, patient, encouraging and diligent with his program designs that were specifically catered to my needs. He also helped with pressure point release at the end of each session which definitely helped with my issues at the time. Raj uses his skills to the fullest to make sure his clients achieve their desired results.I would give Raj 5 star for a job well done.

Yenny, Personal Training

I have had Raja massage me due to a hectic couple of months. With Raja I was always Comfortable during the massage as I always have only used a lady to massage me. Even though sports massage can be intense I always feel refreshed after the session.He hits the sore spots accurately with the right pressure. He is meticulous in his approach to sports massage and is knowledgeable in his craft.

ZJ, Massage Therapy

I have known Raja since 2013 when attending bootcamp. At Phyzique I train under Nik for personal training and whenever Nik is overseas I prefer to train with Raja. What I like about Raja is his Attention to details when I am executing an exercise.He Will modify accordingly and intensify based on my ability to avoid injuries. He variates the works and bring the right balance to the program. Since I love the stretch, he is the go to coach to help stretch out the body and accommodates our of his own time.

ZJ, Personal Training

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