Its a stressful and challenging time around the world and while we practice safety amongst people, mental and physical health is a top priority. We should all exercise regularly, even though we don’t have access to gyms. An alternatively would be to sign up for virtual and live classes. Eating healthy also adds benefits.

We interview a member of the expat and fitness community and get his thoughts.

Q: Hi Ascension, what is SCHOOL IN and why was it started?

Some years ago, when families were moving abroad, parents did not have many international schools to choose from. Nowadays, parents have to deal with and choose from a much broader selection, and this can be overwhelming. Having the right information to decide is critical and can be the key to happy children and a successful expatriation.

At SCHOOL IN, we experienced this when we moved abroad, so we decided it was time to help other parents with the process by making it as transparent as possible.

SCHOOL IN is an open network of parents who rate and share their recommendations on international schools.

Basically, there are two kinds of contributions:

  • The easiest contribution consists of rating international schools according to 10 different criteria: Location, Facilities, Curriculum, Regulations, etc.
  • Additionally, parents can comment on specific issues they are positively impressed by or, on the contrary, worried about.

Employees and alumni of international schools are also welcome to contribute.

With all this information, SCHOOL IN completes the whole picture of each international school, adding important elements that may not be found on the brochures and helping to make the right selection.

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Q: What is different about SCHOOL IN?

Three main elements make SCHOOL IN unique:

  1. SCHOOL IN’s information is available and accessible to anyone, without the need for prior registration or sign up.
  2. At SCHOOL IN, parents connect with other parents to share and learn about each other’s experiences with international schools, like any of us when we recommend a school to a friendly parent.
  3. Reviews at SCHOOL IN are unbiased. Naturally, the opinions of parents are subjective, but their contributions are given freely and without agendas other than wanting to help other parents.

Q: How is your global expat community responding to the current Coronavirus spread?

Our community is responding responsibly. It is impressive to see how parents are juggling homeschooling, working from home, and housekeeping tasks. And above all of that, they even find the time and energy to contribute in other ways: volunteering, donating, sharing videos, articles, ideas, and messages with impressive creativity!

Q: What online or virtual activities is your community turning to?

Basically, they have switched to homeschooling mode, following the classes online, including PE classes for their children. Some parents have been disciplined and follow routines of light exercise, walking, or even jogging outside. A few of them have also moved from their routines in the gym to virtual classes.

Q: What advice would you give the expat community when it comes to education or fitness?

Both are related.

Our community of parents understand and respect how important education is for their children. They also understand that education refers not only to the mind but also to the body. Fitness and healthy nutritional habits have become part of a good, holistic education.

These days of circuit breaker, when we all are stuck behind the computer with fewer opportunities to get out and walk, we need to keep moving and exercising. It’s important to take a break now and then and do some basic stretches to get the blood flowing. Furthermore, half an hour to one hour of daily exercise would be extra beneficial.

Q: How do you balance your business with health and fitness?

I’ve always loved practicing sports, so it has never required extra effort from my side to keep me fit. The most difficult part was and is finding the time.

A healthy, fit life is like a very long run. It does not make sense to train hard for 5 hours one day if you are not going to be able to train during the week. As it also does not make sense to train hard 5 days in a row if you are not going to be able to train during the next two months.
I always try to adjust my fitness and sports training to my working hours and find the minimum number of hours I can keep practicing sports, even during extra demanding periods. This way I get a weekly routine no matter what happens.

Ascension Tejedor is the co-founder of School In

SCHOOL IN is your guide of international schools worldwide. Our global community of parents, employees and alumni provide valuable insights about their knowledge and experience of international schools. Helping other parents through the process of choosing among the different international schools options. We assist you to make best-informed decisions to be sure you are choosing the right international school for your child. You can find out more or write a review at

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