Choosing a personal trainer can be tricky business. There are literally thousands and thousands of exercise and fitness providers all over the internet. So how do we know which one is right for us?

Why do I need a personal trainer?

Chances are that if you are looking for a personal trainer, you already have some fitness goals and objectives in mind. Some people exercise because of the health benefits, some do it as a way of recuperating from an illness, some even do it to prepare for competive sports.

I personally was looking to trim off the fat, while adding a bit of muscle mass to look better.

Whatever the reason is, a personal trainer will understand your goals, assess your capabilities & limitations and plan an exercise programme that will not only get you to where you want to go but to also instill a postive, healthy mindset.

Goals and Objectives

So how would you go about choosing a personal trainer? The first thing to do is to indentify what your personal goals are. This will help you shortlist and select a personal trainer as different trainers will specialize in different things.

There are personal trainer that will help you:

  • Pack on muscle mass
  • Trim your waistlist
  • Decrease your bodyfat
  • Increase your overall fitness levels
  • Prepare for a sports competition
  • Increase your flexibility

And based on your needs and goals, your exercise programmes will vary. For example, to pack on more muscle mass, emphasis will be put on weight training, while yoga and pilates will help core strength and flexibility.


Planning a schedule is another important consideration. Exercise should positively improve your lifestyle and consistency is the key. If you can commit to exercising only twice a week, make sure your trainer considers this for your long-term programme and can work around your schedule.


Research the average costs of a personal trainers in different spealizations to give you an idea how much you should be paying and whether or not if will fit your budget. Not all expensive personal trainers are good and not all cheap personal trainers are bad. The considerations of cost should be part of your ongoing expenses and therefore, affordable. Not as a gauge whether or not a personal trainer is good.


Like all relationships, a common understanding of vision is important. Ensure that your personal trainer truly understands what you want to achieve and prioritizes your needs first.

Like all relationships, it is hard to tell whether or not we will be able to get along with someone. So it is important to be transparent, honest and truthful. Hopefully, the other does the same.

Phyzique Singapore has personal trainers with a wide variety of specializations that can help you and help you help yourself. Be sure to check out our trainers.

So good luck on finding your ideal personal trainer and your long-term journey to health, fitness and a positive life.

Also, if I forgot to mention, make sure you can find one that does online personal training. Some countries still implement social distancing.

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